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All About Monicares

Committed to naturally based safe products that deliver real results.
MONAT has 3 Product Categories to choose from or choose them all!
Haircare, Skincare, and Wellness

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MONAT offers a variety of products for ALL hair types from: Shampoos, Conditioners, Treatments, styling products and more.
What sets us apart is our amazing ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else, including REJUVENIQE:
- a proprietary ingredient for MONAT which means no one else   

  can offer products that include this amazing oil blend
-  It’s infused into 90% of our haircare and skincare products and

   is a great stand-alone product by itself!



MONAT’s Skincare includes routines for different skin types and products for your daytime and nighttime routines.
Like our haircare, it comes down to amazing ingredients combined to create effective, naturally based products.
Our skincare includes REJUVENIQE S  -- another proprietary ingredient for MONAT, so you won’t find this amazing blend in any other products!

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How we nourish our bodies directly affects not only our inner vitality but also our outer beauty. Monat Wellness products are naturally based, vegan, and cruelty- free.

A collection of products inspired by nature, informed by science, and designed to strengthen and protect our inner selves.



MONAT Market Partners benefit from Social Selling by sharing high-quality products, building excellent functioning and access to a home-based business.

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